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Chime displays of molecular structures

Please use the feedback link on the left to let me know if these images do (or do not) display on your computer.
I have now converted these files to be visible in almost all computers, by using the Jmol applet, and produced some more material.

The three-dimensional, rotatable, scalable images on these pages will only be displayed if you have the Chime module installed in your browser. Each link below will bring in a separate overlay page, leaving this list page beneath it. After use, simply close these windows in the usual way (click on the X in the corner of the browser window).
Chime is available for several platforms as a free download from MDL , after a tedious registration process. The Windows version is generally compatible with Internet Explorer and now with Opera 8 although some sites running scripts still complain because some of the interactions are apparently (early?) Netscape specific. For a long time previously, it only worked with Netscape version 4, but it now works fairly well with current versions (7/8) of the Netscape browser, after transferring a single file from the Internet Explorer installation. Similarly it can easily be made to work with Mozilla firefox.

Modification to some of the files at the top of the list below:
If you do not have the Chime plug-in you will not see the moveable image but you can still see an enlarged but static image showing the molecular structure by clicking on the small image within the table.
hexoses glucose alpha and beta glucose
fructoseglucose-galactose comparison
pentoses ribose deoxyribose
glucose dimers maltose cellobiose
mixed dimers sucrose lactose
. amylose more to be added
sub-unitsglycerol saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
  triglycerides phospholipids
sub-unitsDNA basesRNA bases
co-enzymesATPNAD and reduced NAD
I am very grateful to the (largely unknown) people who provided the original data for these molecules. However not all of the Chime representations of molecules on the internet are completely reliable, so beware.

External Chime files

The following (*external) files show quite advanced biochemical concepts, but they are all well worth a visit once you have the Chime plug-in installed.

*Aquaporin - a water-selective, membrane-spanning channel protein
*Glucose animations with chime
*Amino acid ID quiz
*Protein secondary structure
*alpha helix
*2-Frame collagen
*Alfa helix (-poly-Ala-)
*Collagen helix (-Pro-Pro-Gly-)
*hemoglobin - tends to throw a few errors (message boxes can be ignored) with Internet Explorer
*NAD tutorial - very useful
*Nucleotide ID Quiz
*DNA structure
*Citric acid cycle
*TCA cycle main page
*TCA substrates
*other participants

*C4: Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College makes much use of Chime in chemistry/biochemistry education.

RASMOL is a stand-alone 3D viewer for molecules using these formats

*RasMol homepage
*RasMol for RISC OS

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